Why the mosaic art

I’m a mosaicist, so I break stones in order to recompose them. That’s the way I can find myself. Recomposing means to start from an element to create a new one; with the mosaic art I translate what I see through my sensitiveness.

I recognize myself in the mosaic art because it includes all the elements that belong to me: the matter, the light, the colour and the synthesis.
Matter, colour and light are indissoluble elements: if one of them changes, it is the same for the others.

Matter is the concrete and tactile part: I need it! Touching things is part of the human experience, it’s a way to discover the world. The matter conveys sensations: a rough surface with clear chiaroscuri is very different from a smooth and bright one.

The colour is, not only the way we visually see the world, but also the mood that we have towards it. Through colours, we can recognize and evoke emotions.

The light is able to make the mater and colour living again; it can highlight their peculiarities. The gold becomes a little star on contact with the light, the marble shows its time and “wrinkles”, and the Venetian smalto lights its tones.

Finally, the synthesis. I’m not a longwinded person and I try to eliminate the surplus in order to go deeply inside things. Perhaps, I look like a timid and introvert person, but actually I’m a searcher.

I have found in the mosaic art my best form of communication: synthesis and the search of the essence towards abstraction. I’m always searching an intimate relationship with the observer of my works, a moment of contemplation.

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