Remarks on “Beyond the surface” exhibition

To exhibit means to expose oneself. That’s true in every ambit: doing a presentation speech at work, talking about your ideas or taking sides. Sometimes to expose ourselves creates a sort of anxiety, because we move from our uses and we put ourselves out there.
It’s exactly what happened to me in the Terminillo mountain. Before leaving I felt a mix of feelings, joy to reach a result very important for me, together with fears and worries: “Will I measure up? Will the visitors appreciate my works? Will they understand me?”. Unfortunately the world of the mosaic is still too far from the public. The easel mosaic -my specialty- even more. I was worried about the answers I could have received.
All was ready and I couldn’t pull me out. Sure of what I’m doing, I fling myself and I let me carry away: “What could ever happened to me?”.

In fact, it was all so pleasant and natural. The Terminillo’s team was perfect: a wonderful exhibition set up and a warm welcome. When you have so passionate people near you, you have nothing to fear. Undoubtedly so much excitement: speaking into a microphone in front of many people, explaining my philosophy, facing up to a video-interview, the fortune to meet many people, at the beginning curious, then very interested. All these things strongly encouraged me.

I’ d like to thank Father Mariano, don Luca, don Pietro and their team for giving me that opportunity. A special thank to Letizia Rosati, the curator, that was able to capture the essence of my works.