The idea


The eye sees, my mind revises and the hand sketches.
The important is not to lose the instant! I start working in this way. I need a quick sketch, in order to not forget (you know, sometimes the memory fails). A piece of torn paper helps me to fix my inspirations (better, if I keep my notebook handy; at least, it doesn’t finish in the washing machine!). When I get a moment’s peace, usually at home, I sketch the colours too. But there is no preciseness now, I don’t need it.

If not commissioned, the subjects are pure necessity. I don’t follow current fashions or trends. I make what I desire, what I like, what it’s stimulating. A memory, a view, a fleeting glance, a sentence, a music, a mood.

One day, while I was walking along the side of a road, a bus passed me by; from the window, there was a girl with a fix glance and the headphones. I asked myself: What is she thinking about? Where reality is she avoiding from?. That’s how “Illusione (Illusion)” was born.