Beyond the surface

The language of mosaic art is simple, not too elaborate, towards abstraction; that’s one of the aspects that I like best, because I’m not a longwinded person, I’m straightforward. My mission is to capture the essence of an emotion, a story, a glance and for this reason I need to take away all the undesirable elements.

In my work I always try to go beyond the first perception, because I must allow myself the time to contemplate the world very deeply. So, I’m often able to find the answers to my numerous questions.

That’s why I work stratifying different materials or using perspective tecniques: sometimes it could be the wood that reveals a sunset or a face; or the rough concrete (cement) that let us glimpse a chink. Other times, it is the perspective to attract the attention towards a faraway horizon.

Digging layer after layer, I often find new fields of study. That’s the motive that urges me to go on, because I feel that every layer is a step more that I make in my journey.

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